Istanbul 70 - Turkish Psycho-Disco

You might have seen this fantastic series selling out quick in your local record store. If, like me, you weren’t quite quick or canny enough to grab one of the limited vinyl copies in person, fear not, a CD has been issued and can be got online at the ever-reliable giant sell-everything stores (not plugging any particular one here!). The picture here is of a record sleeve because, honestly, I love the vinyl and always want it, but the CD features a photo of a van on the front.

These are old Turkish nuggets edited and pushed around with the more leftfield 21stC clubs in mind by a digger nut named Baris K who clearly knows what he is doing. From three 12″s there are a variety of tunes which will appeal in different times and places. Personal favorites of mine, for their sheer trippiness, are Derdiyoklar’s “Yaz Gazeteci” which my Turkish wife tells me was quite the wedding party tune back in the day (and that she and her sister “hated it” – a sure endorsement!) and Mogollar’s “Muzik Mogollar”.

A fun and odd collection of retro grooves. Recommend.


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